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Our Purpose

The Masters Craft creates unique Masonic items for the Fraternity at large, when quality, artistry and longevity are desired. The Masters Craft is owned and operated by W. Bro. John Bridegroom, Past Most Illustrious Grand Master of Indiana. Being deeply impressed by the artistry of items in the Masonic Fraternity’s history, we desire to continue that tradition in The Masters Craft. With no intention of being the average retail store, or supplying the mundane artifacts of regular Masonic operations, the focus has been placed more on projects that require a special touch, and an approach that fuses the visual standard of today with the depth and power of the designs of our past. We hope you will our work to be fitting representations of the honors they represent!

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Coins and Lapel Pins

Serving the Entire Craft

The Masters Craft creates stunning Jewels, Coins and Lapel Pins, as well as other Regalia for Freemasons across the entire country. Our craftsmanship can be found in nearly every state and in many Grand Bodies of all branches of Freemasonry.

Our Mission

To serve the Craft, beautify our Fraternity, and Create. To give the Royal Art the allure it deserves, and display its sacred nature that so many are searching for.

Attention to Detail

We work hard to focus on the finer details, creating practical works of art, that instill pride and honor in the Brethren who have earned the right to wear each piece. 

Understanding the Craft

As an active member of the Craft, we bring an understanding of the symbolism and philosophy of each body of Freemasonry, and we strive to ensure that each product reflects the facet of Freemasonry it represents.

Striving to Rise Above

We continue to strive to rise above the common, creating artistic pieces with a styling not found elsewhere. Discover for yourself the quality and beauty that comes from The Masters Craft!

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Meet The Team

John A. Bridegroom, PMIGM

Past Master of Porter Lodge No. 137, Junior Warden of the Chapter of Rose Croix, Valley of South Bend, A.A.S.R. NMJ, Past Presiding Officer of all three York Rite Bodies and recipient of the K.Y.C.H. Past Most Illustrious Grand Master for the Grand Council of Indiana, and the Provincial Grand Secretary of the Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales and Provinces Overseas.