The "Wilmshurst"
Bold and detailed in its styling, look no further for the jewel honoring your journey to the East, and the wisdom of your character as a Past Master!
The "Avery"
The true Christian Warrior will be proud to display this jewel upon his uniform, and this unique design and craftsmanship is worthy of a Knight of the Cross!
Our Custom Work
Holy Land
Designed for the Grand Commandery of Oklahoma, this stunning Jewel is awarded to those who fund their Holy Land Pilgrimage Endowment!
Our Custom Work
7th Grade
Designed for the High Council of the SRICF, this Rosicrucian Jewel is elegant and rich in symbolism!
Our Custom Work
Malta Jewel
Designed for Grand Encampment of the USA, this wonderful Jewel commemorates the 200th anniversary, and can be worn by all Sir Knights!

Denslow Society Jewel and Pin

This striking Jewel and Pin combo was created for Denslow Society in Missouri, an exclusive group of distinguished Freemasons.

Custom Past Masters Jewel

This unique Past Masters Jewel was designed for Garfield Lodge No. 569

Knight Masons Founders Jewel

This custom Jewel was created for the Founding Members of a Knight Masons Council. Founders jewels are a European tradition and the jewels become rare because of their limited quantities.

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A Little About Us

The creation of Art, the Art of the Craft.

The Masters Craft creates unique Masonic items for the Fraternity at large, when quality, artistry and longevity are desired. The Masters Craft is owned and operated by W. Bro. John Bridegroom, Past Most Illustrious Grand Master of Indiana. Being deeply impressed by the artistry of items in the Masonic Fraternity’s history, we desire to continue that tradition in The Masters Craft. With no intention of being the average retail store, or supplying the mundane artifacts of regular Masonic operations, the focus has been placed more on projects that require a special touch, and an approach that fuses the visual standard of today with the depth and power of the designs of our past. We hope you will our work to be fitting representations of the honors they represent!

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